July 24, 2010

My first purchase from Hautelook

Rock and Republic Contrived Pressed Blush

I made my first purchase from Hautelook.com recently. I've never really been into blushes. I feel like no matter what shade or formula I get, they always seem to look the same once applied onto my cheeks. But when I saw the packaging on these Rock and Republic blushes, I was sold!!! And I have to say, they are everything I expected. The packaging is GORGEOUS!! It's solid, heavy, shiny and has a magnetic closure. Each compact has a large mirror inside too! What more could you ask for?!?! The pigmentation of the blush is fantastic and there's a wide colour range to choose from too. The two I chose have no shimmer in them. 'Bedroom' is a rosy peach shade with no shimmer. 'Kinky' is a bright hot pink in the packaging, however, it's actually not as bright when applied and gives a nice pink flush to cheeks. Here are the pics!

The blushes were nestled in these circular boxes...

Tadaa!! Beautiful!!!

Large mirror inside each compact

'Bedroom" - a rosy peach shade with no shimmer

'Kinky' - a hot pink shade with no shimmer



June 3, 2010

MAC - To the Beach

I was super excited about MAC's newest collection "To the beach" which came out last week. A lot of the products sold out really quickly but I was lucky enough to pick up the things I really wanted from the collection. Here's what I brought home with me!

1. Creme Bronzer in 'Weekend' - $30 CDN

This creme bronzer was actually the one item I knew I had to buy from the collection. I have relatively dry skin and so all creamy products are my friends. Plus, I wear bronzer pretty much everyday (usually NARS laguna) so I had a feeling I was gonna get good use out of this. The consistency of the product didn't turn out to be as creamy as I thought. It's actually a very light product and the texture reminds me a lot of MAC's cream colour bases.

There were 2 shades available. I bought the darker of the 2 shades and I'm really glad I did because the product really sheers out when you blend it so you get just a hint of colour. I've been using MAC's 187 brush to apply this which allows you to slowly build the colour up. I would definitely recommend this if you want just a very sheer glow on your cheeks. However, if you're wanting to add a lot of colour to your cheeks or to contour with it, I think you'll find this product very disappointing.

2. Marine Life Highlight Powder - $32 CDN

Ahhhh, the highly coveted marine life highlighting powder. This was already sold out on the morning of the first day the collection launched. But, my mom somehow managed to pick this up for me the next day!!!! I was so excited and couldn't believe I got my hands on one! The seahorse design was so beautiful I didn't even wanna swatch it! Anyway...this highlighter is a peachy-gold shade with A LOT of shimmers. It's really pretty when applied to the tops of the cheekbones. However, in the end, I couldn't justify keeping this when I already have a gazillion highlighting products so it ended up becoming Sissy's!

3. Lipstick in 'Lazy Day' - $16.50 CDN

Firstly, I have to say I love the packaging of this lipstick! The orange colour plus the seashell print is so fun and summery! 'Lazy day' was the only colour that really caught my eye. All the other lipsticks were quite vibrant and bright and I thought that this was the only lipstick out of the collection that seemed wearable for me. MAC describes this colour as a light dirty blue pink. It has a lustre finish which is my 2nd favourite finish from MAC (after cremesheens). The sheer and glossy formula makes this lipstick very easy to wear and perfect for everyday during the summer.

I've read several reviews which compared this lipstick to MAC's 'Angel' (which I also have). To me, 'Lazy Day' is paler and more blue-based than 'Angel'. The lustre finish of 'Lazy Day' also makes it much more easy to wear than the frost finish of 'Angel', which can look cakey on the lips. I definitely prefer 'Lazy day' over 'Angel'...too bad it's limited edition....O_O


May 26, 2010

Retail therapy

I was in San Francisco last week to write my California state board exam which I somehow managed to PASS!!! After all the stress of studying was over, of course I had to pay a little visit to the makeup stores with my cousin! Here's what came home with me this time...

1. Bare Escentuals (bare minerals) Hydrating Mineral Veil - $29 USD

This was highly recommended by my cousin and I decided to buy it after she applied some on my face. It's a really fine finishing powder with a slight shimmer to it. I put this on after my foundation and loved the way it glowed. It's not cakey at all, something that's really important to me as my skin tends to be dry. Although it looks like it's quite a peachy pink coloured powder, it actually goes on transparent. This particular set that I bought comes with a brush that you use to dip into the minerals and then swirl onto your face. The brush is super soft and I was told it costs $30 to buy separately. I got this set for $29 at the Bare Escentuals store!!

2. Diorskin Nude foundation (Shade 030) - $46 USD

My cousin and I both picked this up at Sephora. I had been wanting to get this for a while now after hearing great things about it. The packaging is beautiful and has a pump dispenser. It contains 30ml (1 fl.oz) of product. According to Dior, this foundation 'contains a unique blend of 100% mineral pigments and energizing mineralized water' which is supposed to give you a natural glow and improve skin over time. I've been using this for over a week now (I apply it with my MAC190 - a synthetic foundation brush) and here are my thoughts on the foundation:

- medium coverage but buildable to full coverage
- easily blended
- satin finish
- definitely hydrating
- gets slightly oily towards the end of a long day...and I have dry skin!! - so I would not recommend this for someone with oily skin
- slight scent (sissy claims it smells like sunblock but smells more like light soap to me)

Overall, I am LOVING this foundation. It gives me the coverage I need while still looking very natural AND keeps my skin moisturized. What more can I ask for?!?!

3. NARS blush (Orgasm) - $26 USD

One of the most popular blushes EVER but I have always been hesitant about getting it just because it seemed so shimmery in the packaging. Again, I ended up buying this on recommendation by cousin. She raved and raved about it at the store and I finally decided to get it. My cheeks felt very pretty with this on! I can see why it's a cult favourite now. It gives you a nice rosy flush and highlights your cheeks at the same time. Oh, and the shimmers are actually quite subtle!

4. Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eyeliner (0L) - $17 USD

I had purchased one of these pencils a while ago after hearing about how long lasting and black this liner was. However, I was quite disappointed because the one I had was not dark at all!! To make a long story short, what happened was I had actually picked up the 1L instead of the 0L. The packaging of the two looks pretty much identical but the 1L is actually black sheen - which is a softer black. Anyways, I thought I would give this a try again since my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil is running low. I have to say though, even with the correct shade of black now, I still prefer my UD pencil better. Both are about the same in terms of long lasting but to me, the UD liner is still darker than the MUFE pencil.

5. Tarina Tarantino Lipgloss (Nouveau)

Got suckered into buying this mainly because of the pretty packaging. It has a sponge tip applicator that's unlike the typical lipgloss wand in that it's flat on both sides. The colour I picked up (Nouveau) is a pretty candy-pink colour. The formula is quite sheer (best used over a lipstick) and non-sticky but doesn't last too long on the lips. Scent-wise, it smells kinda like those cheap candies you buy that looks like pills and is really powdery when you bite it...like the ones in candy necklaces!

6. L'oreal Lipstick (Fairest Nude)

Got this from CVS pharmacy while trying to look for EOS lip balm for sissy (which was a big fail as they didn't carry it there). I've heard great things about this lipstick but unfortunately, this shade is unavailable in Canada. I'm really glad I bought this because it's the perfect 'nude' colour for me. It's definitely not a corpse-y colour like so many nudes are. This one is a pinky nude that doesn't make me look like a zombie. It's perfect for everyday wear and can go with many different looks. Pigmentation and hydration is excellent. The only things I hate about it are the packaging (I've always thought the L'oreal lipstick packaging is hideous) and the scent...I mean, it's not really a gross scent, just not something I'd prefer.

So...that's my little bit of retail therapy in San Francisco!


May 11, 2010

Lash serum - Week 4 and Final Thoughts

I've been using L'oreal's lash renewal serum (aka lash boosting serum) for 4 weeks now and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results! The truth is, I didn't really expect too much from it when I first started using this considering it's a drugstore product, relatively inexpensive and even the company itself didn't claim it will help grow lashes.

I really started to notice a difference to my lashes probably around week 3 of using it. To me, it seemed like there were more lashes when I went to apply this at night. I also noticed that my lashes seemed just a tad longer when I went to curl and apply mascara in the morning. For a drugstore product, I'm satisfied with the results I've gotten and I think I'm going to continue using this until it runs out!

Week #0

Week #2

Week #4

My final conclusions for L'oreal lash renewal serum:

The good:
- affordable (a lot of product still left in the tube after 4 weeks, probably will last me another 2-3 months)
- easy to use (just swipe onto lashes like mascara, I like to coat the topside of my lashes too)
- friendly on my eyeballs (didn't cause any irritation or redness)

The bad:
- product dries to become flaky/crusty so you get extra goobers in the morning O_o
- can't really apply 2x a day as instructed due to the flakiness of the product after it's dried on the lashes


April 26, 2010

Saying goodbye to my favourite shoes...

I have finally decided to throw away my favourite pair of shoes...

These babies have been with me for the last 3.5 years and I've worn them at least 3-4 days each week. They are just so comfy, reliable and goes with everything I wear! They have been with me through my 2nd, 3rd AND 4th year of vet school. They've travelled with me to Vancouver, San Francisco, LA, Philly, NY, Hong Kong, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne....they've been with me everywhere!!

The bottom of the inside of the shoes has been completely worn down for a while now but I've overcome that by placing thick insoles in them. I've even had to replace the insoles TWICE cuz they got worn down too!! There's also a gigantic hole in the toe of the left shoe (which I think has been there for the last 6-8 months now)...but still I could not bear to part with them! I've tried and tried to search their replacements but every other pair of flats I've bought just cannot match up to them. *sigh*

Anyways, I think it's time to say goodbye now cuz the hole is just getting bigger and bigger...and it's really starting to become embarrassing wearing them out...



Lash serum - Week 2

So it's been 2 weeks since I started using L'oreal's lash renewel serum. I've been applying religiously every night before bed. The application is really simple, just a few swipes of the wand from the base of the lashes to the tip. I also like to run the tip of the wand along my lash line as well. However, I haven't been applying it every morning as instructed on the packaging. That's because the formula is quite runny and wet so I didn't think it would work well under my mascara. Plus, my lashes are already hard enough to curl as it is and I can just imagine how much the serum would weigh them down if I apply under my mascara....

As to how well it's working...I feel like I have less lashes falling out when I remove my eye makeup and they feel a little fuller when I apply my mascara. Length wise, I haven't really noticed a difference. But looking at these pictures that I've taken, there really doesn't seem to be a big difference between week 0 and week 2!!

Week #0

Week #2

Oh well, I'm gonna keep using this for the full 4 weeks before I completely write it off...


April 11, 2010

Lash serum

When I first heard about lash enhancing serums over a year ago, I was very skeptical about whether it was just a gimmick or something that really works. However, after seeing some amazing results from friends and other beauty bloggers recently, I've decided I need to try it out myself! The 2 most popular ones that I've come across are Latisse and Revitalash. However, both of these are relatively expensive and Latisse requires a doctor's prescription. So, I've decided to go much cheaper and bought the L'oreal renewal lash serum.

Unlike the more expensive versions, this serum does not claim to stimulate eyelash growth but rather condition lashes to make them stronger and prevent eyelash loss. According to the instructions on the package, I am to 'apply to the root of the eyelashes....sweep along the length of the eyelashes....in the morning and evening for maximum effectiveness'. I am supposed to see 'visibly more lashes in 4 weeks' and 'lashes are re-energized'. All right then...we'll see if my lashes are bouncing off the walls with energy in 4 weeks time!!