May 11, 2010

Lash serum - Week 4 and Final Thoughts

I've been using L'oreal's lash renewal serum (aka lash boosting serum) for 4 weeks now and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results! The truth is, I didn't really expect too much from it when I first started using this considering it's a drugstore product, relatively inexpensive and even the company itself didn't claim it will help grow lashes.

I really started to notice a difference to my lashes probably around week 3 of using it. To me, it seemed like there were more lashes when I went to apply this at night. I also noticed that my lashes seemed just a tad longer when I went to curl and apply mascara in the morning. For a drugstore product, I'm satisfied with the results I've gotten and I think I'm going to continue using this until it runs out!

Week #0

Week #2

Week #4

My final conclusions for L'oreal lash renewal serum:

The good:
- affordable (a lot of product still left in the tube after 4 weeks, probably will last me another 2-3 months)
- easy to use (just swipe onto lashes like mascara, I like to coat the topside of my lashes too)
- friendly on my eyeballs (didn't cause any irritation or redness)

The bad:
- product dries to become flaky/crusty so you get extra goobers in the morning O_o
- can't really apply 2x a day as instructed due to the flakiness of the product after it's dried on the lashes



Marie said...

Cool review.:D I agree, your lashes grew.:D Yay!:D

Happy Tuesday, Carmen!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

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