June 3, 2010

MAC - To the Beach

I was super excited about MAC's newest collection "To the beach" which came out last week. A lot of the products sold out really quickly but I was lucky enough to pick up the things I really wanted from the collection. Here's what I brought home with me!

1. Creme Bronzer in 'Weekend' - $30 CDN

This creme bronzer was actually the one item I knew I had to buy from the collection. I have relatively dry skin and so all creamy products are my friends. Plus, I wear bronzer pretty much everyday (usually NARS laguna) so I had a feeling I was gonna get good use out of this. The consistency of the product didn't turn out to be as creamy as I thought. It's actually a very light product and the texture reminds me a lot of MAC's cream colour bases.

There were 2 shades available. I bought the darker of the 2 shades and I'm really glad I did because the product really sheers out when you blend it so you get just a hint of colour. I've been using MAC's 187 brush to apply this which allows you to slowly build the colour up. I would definitely recommend this if you want just a very sheer glow on your cheeks. However, if you're wanting to add a lot of colour to your cheeks or to contour with it, I think you'll find this product very disappointing.

2. Marine Life Highlight Powder - $32 CDN

Ahhhh, the highly coveted marine life highlighting powder. This was already sold out on the morning of the first day the collection launched. But, my mom somehow managed to pick this up for me the next day!!!! I was so excited and couldn't believe I got my hands on one! The seahorse design was so beautiful I didn't even wanna swatch it! Anyway...this highlighter is a peachy-gold shade with A LOT of shimmers. It's really pretty when applied to the tops of the cheekbones. However, in the end, I couldn't justify keeping this when I already have a gazillion highlighting products so it ended up becoming Sissy's!

3. Lipstick in 'Lazy Day' - $16.50 CDN

Firstly, I have to say I love the packaging of this lipstick! The orange colour plus the seashell print is so fun and summery! 'Lazy day' was the only colour that really caught my eye. All the other lipsticks were quite vibrant and bright and I thought that this was the only lipstick out of the collection that seemed wearable for me. MAC describes this colour as a light dirty blue pink. It has a lustre finish which is my 2nd favourite finish from MAC (after cremesheens). The sheer and glossy formula makes this lipstick very easy to wear and perfect for everyday during the summer.

I've read several reviews which compared this lipstick to MAC's 'Angel' (which I also have). To me, 'Lazy Day' is paler and more blue-based than 'Angel'. The lustre finish of 'Lazy Day' also makes it much more easy to wear than the frost finish of 'Angel', which can look cakey on the lips. I definitely prefer 'Lazy day' over 'Angel'...too bad it's limited edition....O_O



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