January 28, 2010

The boys

A long overdue post on my 3 little boys...

Mr. George Puggles (aka Beast/Pugman/Pug-zai/Sultan Puggles)

I met Mr. P for the first time while working as a vet assistant at an animal clinic. He was a patient there at the time and suffered from seizures, pneumonia and bronchitis. He was the sweetest little patient, always sitting quietly and staring out between the bars of his cage with his big brown eyes. I remember he was always the easiest one to medicate, lapping up each drop of his strawberry flavoured antibiotics with his little pink tongue. To make a long story short, Mr. P's family did not want to deal with his illnesses, they gave him up and he got to come home with me!

Nowadays, Mr. P lives in Canada with my family and no longer suffers from seizures. He still has a tendency to have respiratory problems due to his breed. He had a mild case of pneumonia just this past Christmas but did well with a course of antibiotics. Most of the time, Mr. P enjoys sleeping on one of his many luxurious beds at home. His favourite food of all time is Chinese preserved sausages. Time really flies but Mr. P will be 6 years old this April!!! I can never get enough of this little guy.

Andreaus (aka Brutus)

One of my little stepsons in Australia, Andreaus is a Staffordshire bull terrier. I've only known him for about a year but love him to pieces already. On the outside, he's all muscular and bulky and looks like he will eat you if he had the chance. On the inside, however, he has the kindest heart and will never hurt a fly. Andreaus is the most affectionate dog I have ever known and he will push and shove his way through just to get as close to you as possible.

Like Mr. Puggles, Andreaus has also gone through rough times as well. Last year, he was hit by a car and almost lost his life. He had thoracic and abdominal trauma and had to receive plasma transfusions for shock. He suffered fractures in his pelvis which luckily did not require surgery. After spending a few days in ICU followed by strict confinement for 8 weeks, he was slowly rehabilitated and now he's back to his normal self!!

Antonio (aka Munchkin/Little One)

My other stepson in Australia. This little one is full of energy and personality. While he may be the smallest of the bunch, he sure doesn't act like he is which is typical in Jack Russell Terriers. He spends most of his days either bullying Andreaus or bossing him around. He is secretly obsessed with a toy which consists of two large tennis balls connected by a thick rope and is up for playing fetch with that thing any time of the day.

This little munchkin does not care much for affection. He will most likely try to run away the moment you reach out to touch him. He also prefers sleeping by himself on the floor while the rest of the family snuggles on the couch. A secret trick to get him to sit still? Make him wear his doggie sweater, he'll stay as still as a statue as long as that thing stays on his body!



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