January 19, 2010

A memorable scent

Perfume has never been something I've deliberately gone to shop for. Thinking back, the fragrances I do own have always been purchased either because it was a memorable scent worn by someone I know or simply because a sample being handed out at a department store appealed to me. And so, for the past 5 or so years, I have been wearing Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue almost everyday after smelling it on a co-worker. It's light and refreshing with a citrus-y scent to it and I think I must have gone through 4-5 bottles by now. I absolutely love it and cannot even count how many times I've been complimented on it or the number of times people have asked me what scent I'm wearing.

A few weeks ago, a new fragrance stumbled into my life as they have always done in the past. I was handed a sample of the new Chloe perfume (Eau de parfum intense) while shopping for makeup and immediately fell in love with it. Knowing that perfume can smell differently on everyone, I quickly spritzed some on my wrist to see how well it gelled with my skin. Let me tell you, I could not stop smelling my wrist for the rest of the day! It can smell a bit strong at first but settles nicely about 5 minutes later into a light floral-y scent. It was feminine and fresh at the same time. I quite liked the design of the bottle as well, simple and classic. The only major downside was the price for one of these babies. I was lucky enough to get mine as a Christmas gift. Thank you mom and dad!
For now, this Chloe perfume has definitely become my new favourite scent but don't worry little bottle of Light Blue, you'll always have a place in my heart!!



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