February 26, 2010

Highlights from Sisticle's visit

My sister visited me in Melbourne last week. It was her first visit in Australia and she stayed for about 10 days. True to our mother's prediction, we completed only about 1/2 of the events and trips I had originally planned out because we were too lazy most of the time. It took us 2 attempts to actually visit the zoo and when we finally got there, we got tired very quickly and left after 2.5 hours. Plans to see the new baby elephant at the zoo was a big fail because the lineup was just too long. We also got extremely sidetracked on the day we were supposed to drive out to Phillip Island to see the penguins and instead got a mani/pedi followed by suntanning at Torquay beach.

I think the most memorable part of sissy's trip would be the day we went surfing. Somehow managing to wake up early that morning, we drove 1.5 hrs to Ocean Grove beach for our 11:00am surfing lesson. The weather was perfect that day, a sunny and hot 34 degrees. We got to there earlier than expected and had breakfast at a quaint little cafe that looked like a house. The breakfast burrito we ordered was the best burrito I have ever had.

The tortilla was warm and soft. The inside was filled with beans, egg, cheese and freshly chopped tomatoes. The sour cream was light and not heavy at all. It was so refreshing and tasty...mmmmmm!!!! After breakfast, we went to meet our surfing instructors which I had booked through West Coast Surf School. They provided us with our sexy wetsuits and our boards. The instructors were pretty quick and efficient at teaching and we were in the water in no time. I realized that day that I have poor balance and is quite UN-talented in surfing. I wiped out many times (resulting in salt water searing through my nostrils O_o) and managed only to stand up for 2-3 seconds on my board a few times. Sissy, on the other hand, did a lot better than me. We were quite exhausted after our 2 hour lesson and spent the rest of our time at the beach just lazing about and suntanning. I am very excited to report that after years of withdrawal from the sun, my chicken legs are now finally nicely cooked!!

Of course, how can I talk about your visit without mentioning the infamous tattoo drawing by the bf...right, sissy?? There was just something about these 2 pictures that just made us laugh over and over again. The Jesus-looking figure that actually kinda looked like me...the alien hand...the angel at the bottom with the eyes rolled to the back of the head...it was all just too too funny!!!! I still couldn't help but giggle even as I was scanning and uploading them here =)

So, here they are for you to enjoy, sisticles! Hope you had a fun time here, I sure did! See you in May!



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