February 5, 2010

Me vs the Vacuum

A full day of house cleaning today. *sigh*. I think there's definitely an 'art' to cleaning the house though which I didn't fully understand until I started living on my own. Here's my little routine:

1. First start with laundry (eg. bed sheets, clothes, towels etc).
This makes the most sense to me because then you can do your other cleaning while you wait for the washes to finish and sneak in from time to time and transfer items from washing machine to dryer.

2. Then clean the kitchen
After studying microbiology for 4 years, I hate to think what types of bacteria I would lug onto my cutlery and dishes if I did this after, say, cleaning the toilet!! Also, spillage from the sink onto the floors is almost a certainty which would be a shame if you had done the floors already.

3. Tidy up the living room
Generally involves putting away magazines, fluffing up cushions, wiping down the coffee table, dusting etc..

4. Rest
Very important to maintain stamina throughout the day.

5. Tidy up the bedroom
Slot in some extra time as one often get distracted by their makeup collection and will end up spending way too much time rearranging eyeshadows and lipglosses.

6. Clean the bathroom (but leave toilet for loved one to do..)
My least favourite job. This is probably because I have a strange phobia where I have this fear of being forced to lick the drains...yea...

7. Vacuum!!
I absolutely DETEST vacuuming. I don't know, I think it's the noise and having to haul the vacuum around that just really annoys me. Vacuuming near the end of the day makes sense since a lot of dust has probably settled out during the other steps of cleaning.

8. Mop floors
Mopping is very satisfying to me. I like to use really hot water with hospital grade antibacterial floor cleaner (again, the microbiologist in me creeping out) and it feels like I'm sizzling away all the bacteria to death with my concoction.

9. Return to the laundry
After doing multiple loads of laundry throughout the day, you end up with a big pile of clean clothes and bed sheets which can now be neatly folded and put away. All done while waiting for the floors to dry after mopping! Makes sense to me!

Of course, that's the ideal scenario...

Today, however, my vacuum broke down halfway through and just as I finished mopping, Antonio decides to throw up on his bed and blankie complete with a small splash on Andreaus and on the floors. So, tomorrow, I'll have to take the vacuum cleaner into the repair shop and his blanket to the laundromat...NICE...



Chris Alexandre said...

Oh no.. that Vacuum cleaner! It sounds like a busy busy day! Hope you were able to catch a breather on the weekend.

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