February 11, 2010

Sneaking in a bit of LUSH time

One of my biggest weaknesses is doing paperwork. I am horrible at it and usually get so stressed out over it that I have mini panic attacks which then leads me to abandon the paperwork all together and procrastinate until it is absolutely essential that I finish it...

So you can imagine how much fun I've had for the past 2 days researching how to become licensed as a vet in California, apply for a US working visa and extend my Australian visa. Clicking into what feels like a billion websites, then realizing you have 10 windows open all filled with fine print font and having no idea why a window was even opened in the first place....it's just all too much for me!!

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but I still prefer talking to a real human being on the phone, telling me exactly what I need to apply for something and what requirements I have to fulfill. Imagine my surprise to find out that the US embassy in Ottawa charges $1.89/minute to speak to an operator there!!! The charges apply as soon as you call, even as you wait to be connected to an operator. Unbelievable.... Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have a friend answer my questions and so avoided having to call the embassy this time.

Of course, there are many different levels to completing paperwork. It's not all just sitting around at home, clicking away on the computer. So today I had the pleasure of driving to the city to prepare bank documents...and getting caught in a major thunderstorm during rush hour on my way home. On the bright side, I did squeeze in a quick visit to my favourite makeup counters. Nothing really caught my eye there but I did make my first ever purchase at Lush!!

I bought the Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser which is supposed to be one of their best sellers. It has ground almonds in it and seriously looks like cookie dough! It's for all skin types and the almonds exfoliate your skin as you cleanse. Can't wait to try it out! I was also really interested in the Breath of Fresh Air Toner which, according to their website, does not have any alcohol in it. Definitely will be my next purchase!

Well, that's all for now. More paperwork adventures tomorrow at my appointment with the Australian immigration officer!



Chris Alexandre said...

First of all nice layout. This is new right? I may be imagining that. Well I can't really comment on the cleanser except you're right about the texture. It really does look like you could bake some oookies out of it.

I can imagine that whole mess with paperwork is a real headache! I passed out halfway through reading about it. =P I hope what's left of your paperwork adventures go amazingly well! Have a great weekend.


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