February 27, 2010

Some recent newbies

There's been some recent additions to my makeup collection lately. Almost all of them were purchased together with sissy during her visit here in Melbourne. I was able to use the remainder of a gift card I had received from my Aunt and Uncle for some of the things I purchased...BONUS!! Overall, very happy with everything I got!

1. Belt from MNG (aka Mango in other parts of the world)
It was on clearance and they just happened to have 2 of the same thing in our size so me and sissy each got one! It has snap buttons at each end of the belt and is meant to be worn high up on the waist. Although this style of belts has already been around for a few seasons now, I still really enjoy them as I find them really flattering! The light, neutral colour also works well for me as I have a lot of black clothing.

2. Makeup bag
We picked this up at the Sunday street market at St. Kilda Beach. It's made of fabric with plastic covering the front part of the bag. It's supposedly handmade from Melbourne. Nothing really fancy, just a simple cloth pouch but I quite liked the selection of designs available and especially the size of the bag. Perfect for toting around makeup in my purse.

3. MAC Lipsticks (swatches below)
Viva Glam V (Lustre) - I had been wanting to get this for some time now. It's a plummy pink colour with slight shimmers in it. It's a tad darker than my usual lipsticks but I think still very wearable as it is a lustre formula and goes on quite sheer. Also, all proceeds from this lipstick goes to benefit the MAC AIDS fund.

Modesty (Cremesheen) - I got this lipstick on a whim. Hadn't heard anything about it and don't even remember ever noticing it before! It's described as a muted neutral pink colour on the MAC website...which really doesn't mean too much to me. I really liked the rosy glowing pink colour of this lipstick. As always, the cremesheen formula stays very true to its name; it goes on very creamy and gives my lips a subtle sheen. Love it!

4. Lancome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss in Rose Fishnets (swatch below)
I ordered this online from Brigette's Boutique, a site which I have mentioned in a previous post (here). Similar to my last order, this only took about 5 days to get to me. The box got a bit smushed but the actual tube was in perfect, unused condition. I've always been a fan of Juicy Tubes. I find them to be very long-lasting and stay glossy on the lips for a long time. They don't dry out your lips at all, in fact, I find them to be quite moisturizing. Many of the Juicy Tubes have a fruity scent and a slight sweet taste to them which is nice. The only downside?...they are very sticky glosses.

This particular colour I got was a limited edition one. It's a very sheer pinky golden shade with gold shimmers in it. Because it has both golden and pink tones to it, I imagine it would be quite nice layered over both beige-y and pink lipsticks. Versatile! It has a very sweet smell, like candy. Packaging is the usual squeeze applicator but with designs on them to represent fishnet stockings. Cute!

5. MAC 130 Brush
It's a mini version of my 187 brush!! Again, picked this up on a total whim. It was released with the mineralize foundation (in a cream compact form) here in Melbourne. Such a cute little brush! It's a duo fibre brush like the 187 but the bristles was a lot denser. It applies cream/liquid products (eg. foundation, cream blush or highlighters) really well. I find it takes too long to use this brush for foundation but I've been using it for buffing in cream blush and MAC cream colour bases to give a fantastic glow.

6. LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Toner
I had been wanting to get this ever since I blogged about getting my Angels on Bare Skin cleanser from LUSH (here). It comes in 2 sizes and I searched all around Melbourne for a bottle of the smaller size with no luck. I finally decided to just get the larger bottle since I had a gift card anyways. It's made of all natural ingredients and doesn't contain alcohol which a lot of skin toners do. Depending on my mood, I either apply this by spritzing all over my face and just letting it absorb or by spritzing on a cotton pad and then applying to my face. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. The smell is typical of other LUSH products...organic-y...but it's a very light scent and I don't mind it too much. I found this to be especially soothing after a whole day of sun and applied it multiple times throughout the night after having gone surfing with sissy to keep my face hydrated. It definitely lived up to my expectations and I'm glad I had gotten the larger bottle!

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Joyce said...

cute! you changed the layout again! =)
Can't wait for the Gaga lippie! I'm also reallt wanting pink swoon since using it all the time in AUS.

Miss you muchos!

Steph Lam said...

Hi auntie carmen! Come check out my blog! I heard you will be in CALI soon! My mommy said you do something that pokes at me... I guess I"ll be seeing someone like you tomorrow morning and I'll get poked more...

Mommy said hi and she said she thinks she has the same VIVA GLAM lipstick as you... She got the one in Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper.... you weird humans!

Woof you!


Mr Trolah said...

I myself don't know ANYTHING about makeup (stereotypical male) but I can appreciate the effort you went into to make the article. Well done.

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